Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Hardcoder for a living

Hello everybody!

I'm a CS graduate and a programmer with 7 years of experience on my shoulders, still trying to make a living of a passion like many others.
A living that (those many others can easily agree I think) is not always pleasant, unless you are masochistic enough to enjoy at least some of the following odd pleasures:
  • Data entry
  • Data fixing
  • Sysadmin (software, hardware and network if needed)
  • Legacy data import / export
  • Unstructured support
  • Coding at night for yesterday's needs
  • Coding at night for req. A from boss X or conflicting req. B from boss Y, provided they have understood the matter, or who-knows-what in case they haven't
  • In general, dealing with bosses having no clues about what "management", "structure", "basic planning", "KISS", "consolidation", "common sense", "development process", "organization", "instruments", "working environment", "precise", "analysis", "dealing with people", "cooperation" and "enterprise functions integration" mean. Let alone "IT" or "software development".
So, until / unless a better world (or a better Enterprise) comes in, for those of us that have broader and higher interests than the above there is no other solution than spending spare time trying to accomplish something that is simply worth the time.
OSS writing is a good one, but I think blogging (and, in general, building and publishing freely available content) is as well and is not this different. After all, software is running and usable form of knowledge that, in turn, requires technical knowledge and expertise to be written. So, I think, sharing self-built knowledge behind software building is as valuable as sharing software itself.
So stay tuned: there will be upcoming posts about any technology or CS concept I'm interested in and looking at in my spare time, which means a broad spectrum of topics and a broad spectrum of depths.

Looking forward to escaping (at least for the time of a post) the hardcoding life, enjoying the sharing, being useful and getting your feedbacks. What miracles can a simple blog accomplish.

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